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Witch Kings Rum

Hammer of the Witches - Tales of the Frontier Cocktail

Hammer of the Witches - Tales of the Frontier Cocktail

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Hammer of the Witches is named after Clay McNab, the infamous witch hunter of Tales of the Frontier - and who appears in At the Dead of Dusk, Jamie Ryder's new novella in the series.

This cocktail fuses 

Fires of the Wild and Bourbon to create a robust, complex, and mouth-punching flavour that reflects McNab's personality.

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With this Hammer of the Witches cocktail, we were naturally inspired by Clay's bold, abrupt, and forceful character. This immediately made us think of whiskey and an Old Fashioned-style cocktail emotive. We also felt that a healthy portion of our Fires of the Wild (Strawberry, Chilli & Lemon) rum liqueur would balance perfectly with such a punchy flavour profile; for a man of Clay's stature surely wouldn't shy away when challenged with a spicy twist!

Have you tried our other ready to drink cocktail - High Priestess - also based on Jamie Ryder's Tales of the Frontier world?

16.1% abv - 100ml - 18+

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