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Witch Kings Rum

High Priestess - Tales of the Frontier Cocktail

High Priestess - Tales of the Frontier Cocktail

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High Priestess is inspired by the ancient witch Agnus Cartwright, from Jamie Ryder's At the Dead of Dusk novella. Cunning, ruthless, and pragmatic, Cartwright leads her clan with an iron fist.

This cocktail mixes 

Bohemian Dreams and Cachaça for a sharp & fruity concoction that dominates the taste buds.

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We explored a number of contrasting concepts for our High Priestess recipe. Agnus' cunning mind immediately made us think of sharp sour notes balanced with ethereal fruit flavours, to create this sense of intellect and mystery. Our Bohemian Dreams (Blueberry, Pineapple & Mint) seemed like the perfect profile for this cocktail, tying in all those sharp notes to create that sense of balance.

Have you tried our other ready to drink cocktail - Hammer of the Witches - also based on Jamie Ryder's Tales of the Frontier world?

15% abv - 100ml - 18+

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