We have successfully launched our outdoor event space at 23 Radium Street, Ancoats, M4 6AY!
Every Saturday evening, we summon enchanted artists to perform live from 5pm to 10pm. We are also open some Saturday lunchtimes for our new Jazzy Boozy Brunch events.

Sat July 31st, Evening (5-10pm): Arlen Connelly & Zoe Kyoti
Sat 31st July, Witch Kings Live - Arlen Connelly and Zoe Kyoti

More event posters can be seen under the booking form below.

Our evening events are now in collaboration with Lazy Tony's Lasagneria, who will be serving up the best lasagna in town, alongside our unique cocktails!

You can make a reservation for 85 minutes of drinks, table service, and music in our intimate outdoor courtyard. Don't worry about rain, we are sheltered from the elements! We are also pet friendly :)

Tickets are £5 per head, and entitle each guest to a free drink upon arrival*.
We operate a Challenge 25 policy on site.

Our first events have sold out, so book in advance to secure your spot 🥳
We will be announcing any walk-in availability on our Instagram; even if we are full, we can take your number and put you on our waiting list!

*Free welcome drink up to a value of £5 each. We are now able to accept bookings of 2 to 6 people!

Tickets are a non-refundable deposit. We can hold your table for up to 15 minutes without hearing from you, at which point we may unfortunately have to offer it to someone else.

If we must cancel your booking or the event - due to another Lockdown, for instance - your deposit would be refunded in this case.

Upcoming Events:

Sat July 31st, Evening (5-10pm): Arlen Connelly & Zoe Kyoti
Sat 31st July, Witch Kings Live - Arlen Connelly and Zoe Kyoti

Past Events:

April 24th: Jamie Ferguson & Jess Megson
Witch Kings Rum - Micro-Bar Launch

May 1st: John Haycock & The Mudez Project
Witch Kings Rum - Fresh Fruit Rum Liqueurs - May 1st - The Mudez Project and John Haycock

May 8th: The Horse Puppets & Ellis Davies (Honeyfeet)
Witch Kings Rum - Micro-Bar 3 - The Horse Puppets and Ellis Davies (Honeyfeet)

May 15th: Hatstand Medicine Band + Matt Hartless + Marky Le Frog
Witch Kings Rum - Live Music & Cocktail Bar - 15th May Gig Poster

May 22nd: Soul Bananas + SKARLET + Mr. Novembre + Casey Birks
Witch Kings Rum - Live Music & Cocktails - 22nd May Gig Poster

May 29th: Lakshmi + Luke M. Slater + Freddie Aitken
Witch Kings Rum - Live Music & Cocktails - 29th May Gig Poster

June 5th: Tom Metcalfe + Joshua Cavanagh-Brierley & Daniel Wellens
Witch Kings Rum Live - Saturday 5th June 2021

June 19th: Scott Wainwright + Dr Fabola + David Butler
Witch Kings Live - June 19th 2021 - Gig Poster

June 26th: Erika Ignata + Robert CramptonBlack Brunswicker
Witch Kings Rum - June 26th 2021 - Live Music Poster

Sat Evening, July 3rd (5-10pm): John Haycock + Mike Gardner + Alex Smythe
Witch Kings Live - 3rd July

July 10th: Hannah Ashcroft + Zacc Rogers
Witch Kings Rum - Micro Bar - Saturday 10th July 2021 - Hannah Ashcroft, Zacc Rogers

July 17th: Nishla Smith + Paolo Fuschi
Witch Kings Live - July 17th 2021 - Gig Poster - Nishla Smith, Paolo Fuschi

Sat July 24th, Evening (5-10pm): James Holt + Nicky Phillips
Witch Kings Rum Live - 24th July - James Holt and Nicky Phillips