A Rum Ting (Manchester Confidential: Bitesize Food and Drink News)

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Looking to spice up your evening drink? Well, having launched online earlier this month, Manchester based start-up, Witch Kings Rum, has introduced three distinct and exciting editions of fresh fruit rum liqueur which are ideal for pairing with tonics, soda and other mixers. Each bottle of rum is infused with 200 grams of fresh fruit and is artfully combined with award winning pure single rum from Ninefold Distillery.

Fires of the Wild combines strawberry, fiery chilli and lemon; Bohemian Dreams blends tangy pineapple with sweet blueberry and subtle mint; Sunset Solstice combines syrupy peach flavours with potent ginger and zesty sour lime.

All bottles retail at £25 and are available to purchase on their website.

Written by Manchester Confidential. Click HERE for original article!

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