Witch Kings Rum is about creating layered flavour journeys - or “flavour emotives” - using high quality fresh ingredients, from the rum we use as our base spirit to the fresh fruit and coffee beans that go into our liqueurs; every element has been selected for their brilliant and complementary flavours. It is then down to our team of flavour experts to assemble them in the correct order to tell the story.

Each production takes multiple days of coaxing out the flavour profiles to make sure every element hits your palate at exactly the right moment on your journey.

Maxi’s vision has always been to transport you to fantastical and imaginative worlds, through flavourscapes that emphasise the magic of food and drink with theatrical flair.

  • Rum Liqueurs

    Bringing an artisan approach to the liqueurs category. Using Ninefold Distillery’s pure single white rum as our sounding board, we infuse each bottle with a unique flavour journey of fresh and premium ingredients.

    With a multi-stage process over 3 days, we add different elements at different stages so they arrive on your palate at different times. If served with a mixer, these liqueurs only need lengthening with a light tonic or craft soda to bring out all the unique and beautiful flavour profiles.

  • Syrups

    Our flavour masters started designing cocktail syrups as part of our back bar for pop-up events, but our unique and artisan flavours quickly caught the attention of private clients.

    The wholesale side of this business line provides these syrups for cocktail boxes and back bars around Manchester.

  • Cocktails

    From all our exploration, we have found that the Witch Kings liqueurs and syrups make the perfect core ingredients to a variety of cocktails, and we continuously design new cocktail concepts to ever evolve our flavour journeys. These have been bespoke designs for a range of private clients, as well as for our personal arsenal for use in pop-up cocktail events.

  • Open to new concepts!

    We are forever designing new flavours and concepts, whether it came to us in a dream or has been requested by a client or member of the Witch Kings family.

    Always feel free to throw ideas our way, or if there is any way that we can help, let us know.

"Collaboration is King"

The Witch Kings brand is all about championing creativity and art, and we are so lucky to be part of a creative community to inspire us and to collaborate with.

The term “Collaboration is King” is one of our core brand values, and we actively seek new and exciting partnerships in both products and events. The most notable partnership has been with Ninefold Distillery and the use of their single pure white rum as the base to our liqueurs. Another recent collaboration has been with Factory Coffee Manchester, who supply the coffee beans for Antimatter Coffee Rum Liqueur - the newest in our range. 

Ninefold Distillery

When setting up the company, we knew a partnership with a good distillery was one of our most important tasks. We networked with some rum communities, and Kit - the owner of Ninefold Distillery - eventually presented our favourite option. Having recently started his small Scottish distillery, we were impressed by his passion for the industry and production of a quality product, and knew our values aligned. He sent us a sample of his pure single white rum and we immediately fell in love with the unique flavour profiles. This actually led us to re-develop our recipes with Ninefold’s caramel notes fixed in mind, and our liqueurs transcended every previous iteration. A true collaboration of premium and passion, that shows the personality of each brand in tandem.

Referred to by our team as “The Rum Father”, Kit has been incredibly supportive from the outset of our journey, believing in what we set out to achieve and advising us on everything from postage to licensing.

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Factory Coffee

After overwhelming feedback on our in-house coffee liqueur, it was obvious that we had found our next product. It was clear we needed another search for a unique collaboration to bring this product to life, and Factory Coffee Manchester answered that call. Their unique coffee really added a new element of depth to the product, and again our team was able to re-develop the concept recipe to allow their particular coffee elements to shine.

Our relationship with Factory Coffee MCR has blossomed past just the supply of coffee, and we have collaborated on a number of cocktail and promotional events. The brand continues to be a great supporter of ours and we love the creativity of their team. We look forward to many more exciting collaborations to come!

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Let's Collab!