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Witch Kings Rum

Caipirinha - Ready to Serve Cocktail

Caipirinha - Ready to Serve Cocktail

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As juicy firework splash of citrus blast subsides, crisp Cachaça tang rings out in kind - with a dash of Sunset Solstice to ease your mind's eye.

Simply pour over ice to serve a taste of tropical zest, inspired by our collaborations with the wonderful Brazilian community of Manchester.

Made with authentic Brazilian Cachaça!

14.5% abv - 100ml - 18+

A person over 18 must be available to take delivery of alcohol.

ID may be requested in the form of a passport, photo card driving licence, an HM Forces warrant card, or a card bearing the PASS hologram to prove they are over 18.

Please do not request delivery to Northern Ireland, the Scottish Isles, the Scilly Isles, or the Isle of Man/White. We will be unable to fulfil your order at this time due to shipping constraints.



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