From soft beginnings as a figment of a dream, to early experiments in Devon - yet the scene was truly set in Salford, locked in our residential kitchen while we grew tired of the local corner shop’s stale selection of alcoholic beverages.

Dusting off our old chef’s hat and bar apron, the time sailed swiftly away as we spent the sorrowful Summer of 2020 preparing our potions and learning lots of licensing lingo - with our official launch arriving just a few months later, in November of that very year!

The site that is now known as Witch Kings Rum HQ was once a 3 meter by 6 meter box located in an old communal mill the heart of ancoats and set about kitting it out to turn it into a full 5* Hygiene production kitchen and retail site.

The "Block 23" Community

At Block 23, the Witch Kings team became connected with the Manchester small business movement, and over the following year managed to build their business along with some incredibly talented brands such as: Spectrum Studios, Jamma Dodger, The Flat Baker, Lazy Tony’s, Drawn By the Light, and Ancoats Pop Up.

The crowning achievement was transforming the loading bay into a live music & cocktail pop-up bar over the summer of 2021, becoming one of the first venues in Manchester to pay live musicians again after Lockdown. We collaborated with all the different brands in the building to produce some spectacular events, the memories of which echo through Manchester and the Ancoats community.

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