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Witch Kings Rum

Sunset Solstice - Peach, Ginger & Lime

Sunset Solstice - Peach, Ginger & Lime

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As daylight passes its peak, syrupy peach flavours salute the setting sun. Potent ginger fills your nostrils and tangy lime tickles your senses.

"Sunset Solstice" carries the knowledge that although the day is over, the night has just begun.

Free from any artificial colours, flavourings, or preservatives, the Witch Kings take the finest rum, glimmering with rich caramel notes, and combine this with a relentless fresh fruit infusion to create a complex rum liqueur full of deep and magical flavours.

20% abv - 500ml - 18+

A person over 18 must be available to take delivery of alcohol.
ID may be requested in the form of a passport, photo card driving licence, an HM Forces warrant card, or a card bearing the PASS hologram to prove they are over 18.

Please do not request delivery to Northern Ireland, the Scottish Isles, the Scilly Isles, or the Isle of Man/White. We will be unable to fulfil your order at this time due to shipping constraints.



Pure single white rum from Ninefold Distillery





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